Two girls wearing silver overalls and Cantsin-look alike masks visited Cantsin. Cantsin treated them well. So they thought up a pleasant surprise for Cantsin in token of appreciation. "Everybody," they said, "has openings, for seeing, hearing, breathing, eating, pissing, fucking and shitting. But Cantsin has no openings. Let's make Cantsin a few holes." After that, they drilled holes into Cantsin, one a day, for seven days. In the middle of the week, they asked how Monty Cantsin was. "Amazing!" said Cantsin. "My back sticks up like a humpback and my vital organs are on top of me. My chin is hidden in my belly, my shoulders are up above my head, and my butt points at the sky."

"Do you resent it?" asked the girls. "Why, what would I resent? If the process continues, perhaps I will be transformed into a telescope. In that case I'll keep watch on the stars. Or perhaps I am transforming into a gun and I'll shoot a chicken for roasting. Or I will become a wheel. Then, with my brain for a chassis, I'll get on and go for a ride."

The first girl said: "I bet that is a parable." The second said: "You have won." The first said: "But unfortunately only in parable." The second said: "No, in reality: in parable you have lost."