a Neoist
Did you know that I am the anarchist who threw a bottle of vitriol into the middle of Stock Exchange? I fired only three revolver shots into the crowd: BUM, BUM, BUM! But I killed everybody. Yes, everybody. And the cops couldn't get me because before they could get me I blew my brains out with a gunshot. Yes. And then I laughed at them: HA, HA, HA, HA... And then I screamed: LONG LIVE NEOISM LONG LIVE REVOLUTION LONG LIVE ANARCHISM LONG LIVE DINAMYTE BUNCH OF IDIOTS
(Monty Cantsin, "Long Live Neoism", on the LP "AHORA NEOISMUS")
a Neoist
Neoism was self-consciously avant-garde. As perhaps the only genuinely avant-garde group of the ten year period between 1975 and 1985, the Neoists rank among the most likely candidates for future canonisation as part of the tradition that stretches from Futurism and Dada to the Situationists and Fluxus.
(Monty Cantsin, "Introduction into the Polish Edition of The Assault on Culture", in the book "Neoism, Plagiarism and Praxis")

Neoism has never been anything but

  1. a bunch of 1980s bohemian post-punk losers around wannabe-celebrity Kantor in Canada; a clique of decadent old clowns turned senile from doing the same thing over and over again for 40 years.
  2. the avant-garde wet dreams of Home and his adepts; their desperate attempts to rewrite the above pathetic crap into some "conceptual" radical chic and shove it down the throats of gullible subversion-hungry college kids and armchair Marxists.

In either version, Neoism had zero artistic, intellectual or radical substance. Some people thought they were oh so clever faking it, but the results were even worse than overt idiocy.

Forget Neoism, get a life.